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Acer Court Care Home, Nottingham

One of the most rewarding parts of a Lion Learner's presenters job is taking animals into care homes where the residents can meet some familiar animals and something they might not have come accross before. Over the lest few weeks we've visited care homes in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, East and West Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Lancashire.

Our East Midlands presenter Kristan has this to say about her recent visit to a care home in Nottingham:

"Last week the Lion Learners East Midlands animals had a lovely time going back to Acer Court Care Home in Nottingham. The animals enjoyed lots of fuss and attention from the residents and staff. Super soft Mini-Rex rabbits Theo and Louie were popular with everyone, as was Bearded Dragon Blizzard, who behaved beautifully on his second outing. Some of the staff and residents were brave enough to hold of stroke our gentle Corn Snake Autumn, as well as Tia one of our Chilean Rose Tarantulas."

Read more about Kristan's animals on their page.

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