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Snails galore!



Our giant African land snails have had lots, and lots, and LOTS of babies! I have 10 so far, pluss the teenagers from the last batch, and plenty of eggs left to hatch! Snails are molluscs, just like slugs, octopus and squid. Whilst they have no legs they do have what's called a foot, their slimy underbelly that ripples along allowing them to move along their own slime trail. They're not quick, but with a sturdy shell for protection they don't have to be.

Our snails are gentle giants, eating only plants, but just like our smaller garden snails, they can be a pest. They are hardy and adaptable, and this paired with their ability to have huge amounts of makes them a dangerous invasive species in warmer countries, outcompeting the native species. As a rule, you should never release your pets back into the wild, it could have unintended consequences for the wildlife, even if you suddenly wake up to find you have 30 more snails than you expected.

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