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A new sherif in Chatsworth!



This handsome chap is Beardy the bearded dragon! Beardy appeared in Chatsworth and was happy to be gently stroked by everyone- so long as there weren’t any no good varmints in the audience!

Hailing from the hot, dry areas of Australia, Bearded Dragons have to make do with whatever food they can find in the wild. They're particularly fond of insects, but will eat smaller lizards and small mammals too. Surprisingly, bearded dragons also like eating their greens. In desert and scrubland areas food is hard to come by and water even harder, so by juicy plants as well as animals they help hydrate themselves and fill their hungry bellies. An animal that can happily eat both meat and greens is called an omnivore. We're omnivores too!

Beady lives in the North West of England with his lovely owner Alex. He’s happy to come out for children’s parties, school events and care homes. Whilst he looks a little scary he quite likes the attention so long as people are gentle.

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