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Enough Fluff?

Lion Learners Chinchillas Ben


Whilst Ben looks a bit like a mouse that could spend a few more hours in his spin when, this chubby fluffball is actually something far more exotic; a chinchilla!

Chinchillas are rodents, just like mice, rats and guinea pigs. Just like many rodents their teeth don't ever stop growing, so it's very important for them to chew constantly so their teeth don't get over grown, much like you need to get your hair cut to keep it tidy and manageable.
Also, thanks to their especially delicate and dense fur, Chinchillas are also the softest creatures on the planet! In fact their fur is so dense they can't bathe themselves in water, as it will take ages for them to dry out. Instead they have to take dust baths to keep clean! That's not something I'd recommend for humans. My bathtub is dusty enough as it is...

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