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bun bums!



Have you guys ever wondered why a wild bunny has a white tail when the rest of it is brown? When you see a wild rabbit running away from you one of the first things you notice is the little white tail bobbing up and down. Nobody knew if it was to warn other bunnies that there was danger or if it was to impress members of the opposite sex, but now it seems that it’s meant to confuse predators!

That flashing little white tail may cause predators to become distracted when chasing a rabbit, trying to re-focus on that tail every time it pops up. When an agile rabbit takes an unexpected turn it startles the predator, who was distracted by the tail! This will only buy the fleeing bunny an extra second, but In the rabbit world a second is an awfully long time, and long enough to escape!

Jamie, our beautiful mini rex rabbit, models that little white tail perfectly! She lives in Newcastle with Jack and Simon, where she enjoys stamping her feet bossing everyone about.

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