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Those toes though


This beautiful girl is Crestina, one of our lovely crested geckos. Like many other species of gecko, crested geckos have very special toes. Ther toes are big and flat and allow them to stick to almost any surface! Their toes have lots of tiny little bristles called setae that adhere to surfaces using ‘van der Waals forces’ rather than goo or webbing. It works a little bit like a static charged balloon- but a bit more complicated. it’s a lot more fun to see than explain! In the wild this allows geckos with these toes to exploit various areas of the tier habitats, scaling high cliff walls to catch tiny spiders, hiding from snakes on the undersides of leaves and even catching flies attracted to streetlights at night. Other geckos we have at lion learners are leopard geckos, who don’t have these sticky toes ad they live on the ground.


Crestina lives in a special vivarium with Alex in the north west.


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