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Awesome arachnids!



This is Fluff, our Chilean rose tarantula. Many people think that fluff is an insect, but that’s not the case- she is in fact an arachnid! Arachnids are part of the same group as insects called arthropods. This group includes crustaceans, millipedes and centipedes. But arachnids are a bit different those other arthropods because they have 8 legs! Count them to be sure! Other types of arachnid include scorpions, mites, harvestman and the mysterious vinegaroons.


Fluff lives with Jack and Simon in Newcastle, where she spends her days eating crickets and sitting in her favourite pot. Tarantulas are easy to please- most of the time! She’s perfectly happy to be handled if she’s not in the midst of shedding her skin because that makes her very sensitive. Thankfully we have more than one tarantula on hand in Newcastle, so it’s never an issue!

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