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A Chilean rose by any other name...



This is Fluff, one of our Chilean rose tarantulas. Chilean rose tarantulas are known for their docile temperament and their pinkish hair, which is a rosy colour in direct sunlight. Despite this, some people see our fluffy, pink tarantulas as scary for some reason. I've been told it's the number of legs. Our tarantulas feed on small insects like crickets and meal worms . Whilst all true spiders are venomous, most tarantulas, like Fluff here, have very weak venom. They're strong enough just to wrestle with their prey!

We like to put our spiders in your hands or on your laps, giving you the chance to interact with our arachnids and hopefully not find them as scary as you used to! All the while we'll be giving you interesting facts about our tarantulas, and all spiders, to give you a better understanding of our eight legged friends. It's important to remember that the last thing a spider wants to do is bite a person, they'd risk injuring themselves. If you treat our spiders with care and respect they'll do the same!


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