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She really is a funny girl, that Belle...



This is Belle, our sweet little mini lop rabbit. Whilst she isn’t quite as spooky as our spiders or our snakes, she is scarily cute! Our bunnies can be a real terror to dandelions and front lawns, but otherwise they’re very sweet. Bell is just starting to get her summer coat in now so she’s shedding like mad, there is fluff everywhere! But this will keep her nice and cool in the hottest part of the year. Many mammals shed their fur at the start of spring and autumn to make sure they don’t get too cold or overheat respectively.

Our bunnies are quite happy to be gently petted, especially Belle. She thinks she’s a little person. She enjoys being cuddled by Jack and Simon daily in newcastle, and throws great big bunny strops if she dosn't get enough attention.

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