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Sssnakey sssencesss

Royal Python


Here Laura is holding Poppy, one of our lovely royal pythons. Snakes aren’t known for their eyesight, many of them hunt in complete darkness, so they rely on other senses. Snakes have a forked tongue that they use to taste the air. The shape of the tongue can help it tell the direction of a taste, if the taste is stronger on the right fork it knows the prey is too the right, if it’s stronger on the left fork it knows its prey is to the left.

In addition to this many snakes also have incredibly sensitive ‘heat vision’. Now this doesn’t mean our snakes shoot lasers out of their eyes, it means that they can sense the heat from their prey with incredible accuracy, being able to pinpoint their preys position and vulnerable areas in total darkness! It also helps snakes find the warmest spots to bask, which scientists believe was it’s original function.


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