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Prickly pals!

Harry Hedgehog Lion Learners


This is Harry, one of our wonderful little African pygmy hedgehogs! They’re quite different to our European hedgehogs; they’re much smaller, lighter and like to be much warmer. It’s unlikely you’d see a European hedgehog at this time of year as they’re all hibernating. They miss out on chritmas, but hedgehogs aren’t the most festive of animals so they don’t mind.


Our hedgehogs aren’t as fast as the media would have you believe, the don’t quite break the sound barrier. Still, our hedgehogs are carnivores and have to be quick and nimble to out manoeuvre their preferred prey in the wild; crunchy little insects!  Our hedgehogs have sharp little teeth to aid them in taking down their squirmy prey, not like the buck teeth of rabbits or guinea pigs, who are herbivorous animals who mainly eat grass.

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