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leaf insect eggs

Whilst these thingies might look like mouldy sugar puffs, they are in fact perfectly formed Leaf Insect eggs! The spines on these eggs are thought to be able to attach themselves to passing animals, just like Velcro on a shoe. The passing animal would then take the eggs to far away places, spreading the species far and wide. Many plant seeds use the same trick!


Insects lay all kinds of unusual eggs! Lacewings can lay their eggs on stiffened silk, so they rise off the stem of a plant like a blade of wheat. This keeps them safe from very small predators, like ants. Lesser house flies can lay floating eggs. But the weirdest insect eggs have to belong to the Chaan's Megastick, one of the worlds largest insects. The eggs have little 'wings' to glide with, making them look somewhat like tiny snitches from Harry Potter. These 'wings' will spread them far and wide, and will help them survive the fall from the tree tops, where their parents live.


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