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Soft but bossy



This cute little girl is Jamie, our beautiful miniature rex rabbit! Rex Rabbits have been bred to have some of the softest fur of all rabbits. This is caused by a mutation. Some people think that muations might give you super powers, like in the X-men, but mutations are generally subtle things that aren’t immediately noticed. As far as we know there are no mutant bunnies with laser eyes or telepathy, just super soft for or floppy ears.

Most mammals have two types of fur, a sturdy, smooth overcoat called guard hairs that protect against sunlight and rain, and a smooth, fluffy undercoat that conserves heat and keeps a fluffy animal warm. Wild bunnies are no exception. Rex rabbits have a mutation that causes the guard hairs to recede greatly and the fuzzy undercoat to protrude. This fuzzy undercoat is what makes rex rabbits so soft to stroke! Jamie lives with Jack and Simon in Newcastle, where she enjoys bossing them and her sister around all day.

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