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Jumping at the chance!



This fuzzy little creature is Skitterbug, one of our charming little regal jumping spiders from Newcastle. Jumping spiders are the smartest of spiders, and among the smartest of all invertebrates. They show excellent problem solving abilities, the ability to learn from their mistakes and even complex planning behaviours!

One of the first things people notice about jumping spiders is that when you look at them they look right back with their gigantic and incredibly sensitive eyes! The most commonly seen jumping spider in England is the Zebra spider, a cute black and white animal that could happily sit on a pea. They often look right back at you when discovered giving their species the Latin name 'scenicus' which means 'performer.'
Our spiders are about twice the size of a zebra spider, and are always very curious about the new people they meet. We place them in a special magnified Jar so you can see them (and they can see you!) with no difficulty!

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