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Lexi rabbit


This is Lexi, one of our lovely, super soft Rex rabbits. Rabbits arn’t rodents, they are from a very closly related family called lagomorphs, that includes hares and pikas. Just like their rodent cousins thoug, rabbits have a similar tooth issue; their teeth never stop growing! Our rabbits have to have things to constantly chew on to make sure that their teeth don’t become overgrown. Whilst our rabbits like to chew on their hutches, we also provide them with neat little toys and sticks to gnaw on too, helping them keep their teeth nice and healthy- otherwise they might have a chew on something more harmful, like electric wires or bike tyres! One of the most important thigs you can do to make sure a rabbit keeps is teeth in check is to make sure it has plenty of hay and straw to chew on too.

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