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Snakes Rock!

Olivia 2


This pretty little reptile is Olivia she currently lives with Jack and Simon in Newcastle. We promice she's more than just a pretty face, there's a whole snake attached to that head! She's one of our many Corn Snakes here at Lion Learners. All snakes are predators, but Olivia has no interest in eating people. We're much too large for her! What corn snakes like to eat most of all is mice.

Corn snakes come from North America. Snakes will often hide in amongst the corn and wait to ambush hungry little mice that come to eat the farmer's corn. That's why they're e often known as 'the farmer's friends.' We don't feed our corn snakes live mice, that would be cruel and dangerous for the snakes. Since corn snakes have a much lower metabolism than us they only have to eat one mouse a week- if that! Snakes can go months without eating if they have to.

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