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Olivia Rocks!

Olivia 2


This is Olivia, one of our pretty little corn snakes. Corn snakes come from North America, particularly the vast cornfields they have over there, thus the species name. They use the stem of the corn to climb their way up and wait for mice and rats coming to eat the corn- and then the ambush them! This ensures that the farmers get a healthier crop yield without rodents eating their corn and has lent the snakes the nickname of 'the farmers friends.'

Our snakes might look a bit creepy, but they’re all big sweethearts. When we bring our snakes to meet children they are always happy to be gently stroked and petted and even held if the children (or adults!) are feeling brave enough. They’re curious creatures, and like to explore people’s pockets whilst being held, but our snakes are nothing to be scared of once you get to know them. Olivia currently lives with Jack and Simon in Newcastle, where she spends most of her time peeking out at them from under her cosy rock.

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