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peru piggies!

Lion Learners Guinea Pigs Ronnie and Reggie


These two furry potatos are Ronnie and Reggie, two of our lovely guinea pigs. Our guinea pigs are rodents, just like rats and mice. Ronnie and Reggie are vegetarians and they particularly like hay. In the wild, savage packs of guinea pigs roam the grassy areas of South America, eating all of the grass like teeny cows or furry lawn mowers. Humans domesticated guinea pigs very early on, and they’ve become such a popular pet now it’s easy to forget that they are in fact exotic animals!

Our guinea pigs are happy to be held and gently stroked. They’re naturally quite shy animals, so you have to respect them and not be loud or rough whilst you pet them. For animals that come from somewhere as exciting as Peru they're really not that brave.


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