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Scaly sausages?!



Rexie is our big, friendly blue tonged skink who lives with Jack and Simon in Newcastle. Rexie loves having a bath from time to time. Whilst it isn’t as important for reptiles to wash themselves as it is for us, it’s very important for them to shed their skin. All reptiles peel off their skin as the grow, either in flakes or in all in one go, like a scaly banana! Rexie looks a bit more like a sausage than a banana though, but we're trying to slim her down. Trying...

Giving them a chance to get wet softens the skin up and makes the whole process much easier. It’s especially important for big lizards, like chubby Rexie here, otherwise they might get tangled in their own skin and lose a claw or a toe along the way.

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