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Ron and Freddie the roaches!

Lion Learners cockroaches RodFreddie


This is Ron And Freddie, two of our handsome Giant hissing cockroach boys! You can tell they’re males because of the little horns they have on their heads, females have much smoother, shinier heads. The males use these horns to head but each other in tests of strength. The winner gets to mate with the females, ensuring that only the strongest cockroaches pass on their genes.

Our cockroaches are the lovely non pest kind, all they want to do is gobble up decaying vegetable matter on the Forrest floors of Madagascar, not infest your home. They’re quite happy to be held and gently stroked whilst we give you lots of interesting facts about them. We’ll also bring some fluffy animals too, so it’s not all just creepy crawlies! Madagascan giant hissing cockroaches, just like ours, are often seen in horror films, such as men in black and carry on screaming, so if you want to meet a real life movie star our roaches are more than happy to oblige! 

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