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Rosie is feeling a little Chile...

Lion Learners Chilean Rose Tarantula SpiderPolly


This is Rosie, one of our Chilean Rose tarantulas. Her species origionally comes from Chile, a country much warmer than the UK, so we have to keep them nice and warm during the winter. Tarantulas are actually very shy animals and have no interest in biting people save as a last resort. They are in fact very fragile animals with paper thin shells, which is why we use extra care whilst letting people handle them. Tarantulas shed their skin, just like a snake does, but it's a little more difficult with all of their spider legs needing to come out of the skin too. There's a really interesting video on how they do this on our Facebook page if you want to see how they do it!

Our spiders are happy to be gently passed around by our presenters, sitting on your lap or in your hands whilst we give you all sorts of interesting facts about them. We'll also have some lovely fluffy bunnies too, just in case creepy crawlies aren't for you!

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