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I spi-dare you not to call her cute!



This is Muffet at the front, a baby Brazilian black tarantula, and this is Fluff at the back, a fully grown female Chillian rose tarantula. It takes years for a spider of Muffet's size to grow as big as Fluff, all depending on how much they eat and how warm they are. Tarantulas are long lived animals, females tarantulas can live over 20 years, whereas the males are lucky to see 7! It's a rough deal being a boy in the spider world as they're often gobbled up by the females too! Spiders aren't animals for romance and a meal is a meal, even if it bought you dinner first.

Like lizards and snakes, spiders shed their skin as they grow, in a long and difficult process that can last hours called moulting. They will shed their skin many, many times to become a an adult from a teeny little spiderling, getting bigger each time! After spiders shed their skin they are very sensitive and don't like to be handled, so we give them plenty of time to readjust. Fluff is still recovering from her latest shed, but tiny little Muffet is as spry as ever! As she grows she'll keep molting, eventualy turning a beautiful, glossey black that gives th Brazillian black it's name.

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