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Summer Fun With The Animals At Leeds City Museum

The Lion Learners animals visited Leeds museum in August to give the visitors an exciting and educational animal experience.  Michala was in the Life on Earth Gallery for the day, to teach people about some of her creepy crawly friends including giant millipedes, hissing cockroaches and Spinderella the tarantuala.  Lots of brave children came along to handle the animals.  See some pictures the museum shared on Leeds City Museum Facebook page.

Alice millipede 2We had some great reviews from some of the children who held the animals:

'It was quite scary but it boosted my confidence. Also it made me proud about holding them. It was very interesting learning about them'.

 'The animals made me feel happy and I really enjoyed holding the animals' 

 'Was best experience ever, thank you'.

child and cockroach michalaAnd the parents enjoyed it too:

'Brilliant – didn’t think my little girl would participate but she did'.

'Kids really enjoyed it! Lovely experience' J

Michala and her animals attend events, parties, care homes, schools, and clubs in Wakefield, Barnsley, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield.

To see more about Michala's animals, visit her animal page here.

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