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Alex's Animals

Shelly and me

Alex is based in Bolton and covers all of Lancashire including Blackburn, Preston and Chorley, Manchester including Wigan and Bolton and West Yorkshire including Huddersfield and Halifax.  

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Lion Learners North West Ball Pyhton Timmy 1Timmy the Ball Python

He is quite shy and will stay snuggled up on your lap happy to be stroked and gently warmed up until he feels it is safe enough to go and explore. Many people love him because they never think of snakes as being shy and they see a completely different side to them.

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Lion Learners North West Guinea Pig Benji and ButtonsBenji and Buttons the Guinea Pigs

Benji and Buttons make very cute noises, they squeak very excitedly when food approaches. Buttons has even associated the Lion Learners cushion with food now, so whenever you stroke him he expects to be fed!

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Lion Learners North West Madagascan Hissing Cockroach 1The Cockroach Family

They all have their own personalities...who would have thought that about cockroaches! They are all so tame and used to being handled now that they don't hiss anymore!

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Lion Learners North West Bearded Dragon Beardie 1Beardie the Bearded Dragon

Beardie is extreeeemely laid back. The longer he sits on peoples warm hands, the more yellow he becomes. His chin has only ever turned black once when he thought there was another lizard in the room – it turns out he was looking at his own reflection in the mirror!

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Lion Learners North West Rabbits King Arthur and King GeorgeKing Arthur and King George the Rabbits

They are very therapeutic to stroke and offer an extremely calming sensory experience. So far they are doing well but are still in training.

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Alex Corn Snake CorneliaCornelia the Corn Snake

Cornelia is so adventurous.  She would climb up to the ceiling given the chance!  Even people who are scared of snakes, tend not to be bothered by her, as she makes it perfectly clear that all she wants to do is explore.

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Alex Crested GeckoChrestina the Crested Gecko

 Chrestina is a daredevil.  She just loves to climb up walls and over peoples heads, as high as she can, just so she can launch herself off.  She is an adrenaline junkie!

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Alex ScorpionsMr & Little Miss Pincers the Scorpions

These Forest Scorpions are amazing examples of effective predators.  Their adaptations are remarkable.  Mr Pincers and Little Miss Pincers live in separate tanks as they can be aggressive towards each other.

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Alex MillipedeMillie & Billie the Millipedes

Everybody loves to hold Millie & Billie, as the sensation of having 300 tickly feet walk across your hand is just amazing.

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Alex Tortoise BoltBolt the Horsefield Tortoise

Bolt keeps us on our toes as he quickly pootles around exploring his environment. He is the most determined creature.  Whenever he can't fit through a gap, he simply uses his strong muscles and hard shell to knock over whatever is in his way.

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Alex TarantulaRose the Chilean Rose Tarantula

Rose has done a wonderful job in proving to people that tarantulas really are quite docile.  She gentles moseys across peoples hands, exploring the new terrain using her sensitive hairs.

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Alex SnailsShelly, Shelldone and Mishelle

We love our snails because they have the cutest eyes, which they extend when they wake up, but people are now loving snails for a different reason . . . their slime has anti-wrinkle properties!

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