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Jack and Simon's Animals

Animal Visits Presenter Lion Learners Jack

Simon and Jack are a father and son team based in Whitley Bay. They visit parties, nurseries, schools, care homes and events all over the North East, including Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham.

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Lion Learners North East Regal Jumping SpiderJitter the Regal Jumping Spider

Jitter is an inquisitive little Regal Jumping Spiders. She's too small to be petted is happy to be passed around in her little travel jar with a magnifying glass on top - chances are she'll be just as interested in you as you are in her!

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Lion Learners Rabbit belle north eastBelle the Rabbit

Belle is one of the rabbits that live with Jack and Simon in Newcastle! In the wild rabbits don't look much like Belle, they're much more muscular and have pointy ears. They live in great big fields and roadside verges, whereas Belle is too refined for that nonsense.

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Tarantula Jack FluffFluff the Tarantula

Fluff looks like a house spider, only twenty times the size and much hairier!  In the wild she would live in a deep hole in the floor and spend most of the time sitting very still and waiting for insects to get close enough for her to jump out and eat them.

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