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Animal Profiles

For profiles of the animals that will visit or have visited you please go to the 'Our Animals' Page and click on your presenter.


Curriculum Resources

Year 1 Teachers Pack

Year 2 Workshop 1 (Living Things and Their Habitats) Teacher's Pack

Year 2 Workshop 2 (Habitats and Food Chains) Teacher's Pack

Year 3 Teacher's Pack

Year 4 Teacher's Pack 


Phonics PowerPoints

Phonics PowerPoint Part 1

Phonics PowerPoint Part 2


Bugs of Britain Resource Pack

Bugs of Britain is an excellent set of resources for teachers and parents to use to explore the minibeasts in the playground and garden. The resources cover all areas of the curriculum from literacy to healthy eating to science. Download the teaching notes below to read though what's available. Each resource is a downloadble zip file containing all the worksheets and instructions required.Lion Learners Dancing Bee Bugs of Britain Resource Pack

First of all click here to download the Teaching Notes

Then download each task:

Task 1 - Rainbow Millipede (Craft/science/nature activity)
Task 2 - Number Ants (Numeracy activity)
Task 3 - Wormery (Science/craft/nature activity)
Task 4 - Homeless Snail (Art/nature activity)
Task 5 - Dancing Bees (Dance activity)
Task 6 - See Like a Ground Beetle (Craft/art/nature)
Task 7 - Spelling Spiders (Literacy activity)
Task 8 - Beautiful Butterflies (Craft/art activity)
Task 9 - Heroic Slugs (Literacy/creative writing activity)
Task 10 - Woodlouse Experiment (Science/craft/investigative thinking activity)
Task 11 - Healthy Ladybirds (Cooking activity)


Lion Learners Easter Stories!

Lion Learners have three Easter Stories which are part of our special Easter sessions. You can book Lion Learners to read the stories and introduce children to the animals from the stories. If you would like to download the stories click here to download the zip file.

Lion Learners Easter Stories Guinea Pigs


Lion Learners Christmas Story!

Lion Learners Christmas Book Santas Little Helpers

Download our Christmas book by clicking here!!!

Lion Learners Education Experiences in the UK