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This is a library for Lion Learners presenters only. All files stored here are password protected. To find our publically availble resources please visit our downloads page or contact your local presenter to find out what sessions are available to you.


Downloadable Zip File Resources

07/02/14 I'll post here if I update anything so you won't have to download each file to see if it's changed since last time.

11/02/14 Updated Adaptations collection with Rob's nocturnal animals PowerPoint.


Adaptations Collection

Around the World Collection

Christmas Collection

Classification Collection Part 1

Classification Collection Part 2

Colouring Sheet Collection

Creative Writing Collection

Easter Collection

Endangered Animals Collection Part 1

Endangered Animals Collection Part 2

Habitats Collection Part 1

Habitats Collection Part 2

Habitats Collection Part 3

Halloween Collection

Humans and Other Animals Collection

Literacy Collection

Numeracy Collection

Nutrition Collection

Poetry Collection

Rainforests Collection

Standard Base Collection


Bugs of Britain Resource Pack (for Rachael)

Number Ants Cards (For Rachael)

Bugs of Britain PowerPoint 1 (For Rachael)

Bugs of Britain PowerPoint 2 (For Rachael)


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